Take a nap when dealing with daytime sleepiness. Find strategies to compensate lack of sleep, cultivate a balance between work, diet and rest. Be passionate about what you are doing.

Daytime sleepiness and drowsiness

Why not taking a nap?


Feeling tired and daytime sleepiness are not the same. Often we just don’t have the time for sufficient sleep for approximately eight hours to rest. For instance computer work at home and the Internet have changed humans working hours extremely. That can cause sleepiness and drowsiness the next day without being aware of disturbances of the biological clock.


Take a nap


My dad in law has been a rolling week shift worker for more than 30 years and he compensated a lack of sleep by taking a nap. Try it (you need practice in that!) if you need to make up for a few hours of lost sleep, a short nap is very refreshing. My hubbi is a specialist in this, too. When he feels drowsy he rests for 30 minutes, I am not even sure if he really sleeps but after a little nap he is unstoppable – believe me on that.


Napping allows you to compensate sleep deficiency without disturbing your natural sleep–wake rhythm, which often backfires in insomnia and throws you off for days. If you must nap, do it in the early afternoon, and not longer as 45 minutes.



After dinner drowsiness


Don’t sleep before bedtime in front of the TV. Get off the couch and do something to avoid falling asleep.


I don’t use the dishwasher during the week. After dinner we wash the dishes, talk during this time and get organized for the next day.

After that we settle down, have our glass of (guess it) and drowsiness doesn’t trouble us at all. Experience the benefits when talking before bed time and closing the day in harmony. Contradictory subjects have time for the next day— be clever and use time wisely.


Harmony is very helpful for satisfying a day and getting a good night sleep. Be certain tomorrow is another day.



Balancing work, diet and rest


Most people experienced sleeping problems at some stage and know resolving sleeping disorders can be tricky. In this world of computerization and mobile communication people feel the pressure around the clock. To cope with that a good night sleep is the only way for feeling fit and healthy. You also know with a full stomach you can’t properly exercise or rest. If you want to feel  energetic, you will balance your diet for being active and the opposite getting a well deserved rest.


Every now and again balancing your lifestyle won’t turn out as you wish as there are too many things you have little control over.


Here is good tip;

Try to cultivate something like a hobby, something for developing a passion, or find your purpose in life.  That gives me a great balance. For instance I am passionate about writing for you the health and fitness articles. Unfortunately my time is very restricted, but I always feel good having finished a new blog post.


True, what works for me might not work so well for you, but when trying you will succeed in finding such kind of routine that gives you great pleasure and peace for a good night sleep. 



I would love to see that these tips are helpful for you. That leads to the next theme “How to cure Sleeplessness?”

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Health is a relationship between you and your body. T. Guillemets

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